Garden Update

Well I promised another post, and here it is. The fist shot is some of our harvest.  In the following picture you will see :  Tomatoes (Roma, cavern, purple Russian, Mexican midgets, and Arkansas travelers), Onions, Ground Cherries, Hot Peppers (Georgia Flame and Black Hungarian), and a Tomatillio.

Harvest (forgive the misspelling of tomato)

Here are some shots of the garden as well.  It has gotten pretty big.

Here is our crazy basil plants

These are out Ground Cherry bushes that have gotten out of control. Underneath are some pepper plants.

And here are our rows of Tomatoes

Here is a close up shot of the cavern tomatoes

Some of our tomatoe plants got hit with disease hard, but they are still producing some tomatoes.

Well that is all for garden news!



We have a roof!

Well after a long day of work we got the roof up.  Graham, Rebecca, and Jenni made it over and helped.  We  worked hard and got the tar paper up (making the roof waterproof) just as it started raining.  We made good time.  So here is the coop as of now, I must say it is coming along nicely!

Here is a view underneath, looking at the trusses and roof!

Also We have tomatoes and we have ground cherries growing!!


Ground Cherry, I am really excited bout these!

Well that is all that is new on the farm.  Hope you visit again soon!


I get by with a little help from my friends

A big shout out to Graham, Rebecca, Savanna, and Aaron.  Without these people this coop would be much more difficult.  Aaron helped a lot in the design aspect of the project.  Graham, Rebecca, and Savanna helped with some of the grunt work.  Rebecca even went above and beyond and cleaned our drive way and under the some of the rose bushes! Here is the progress we made!

Well I spent all day today working on the trusses for the roof.  Unfortunatly the four we had built weren’t gonna work.  So I had to take those apart, and make a few new cuts, and rebuid them.  I finished the day with all nine Trusses complete.  Here they are!

The garden is doing well as well.   I got the cucumbers to start climbing their trellis.  Also our ground cherries are starting to flower!

Thats it for today!  Next step on the coop is to put the trusses up and get the roof complete!


Coming Along Nicely

Well Operation Mini-Farm is progressing.  This past weekend we got lots of work done on the garden!  We even got some free help from Savanna.  Well it wasn’t all free, I did buy her a Ginormous Cherry Limeade Slush.  She could barely get her hands around it, it made Lauren and her giggle.  We worked long hours in the sun and got nearly the entire garden mulched!  So now it looks pretty, and all the green you see are our plants.  Before it looked like rocky dirt with a bunch of weeds.


Cucumbers and The Two Trellis

Here is some peppers and Tomatoes and Cabbage and Broccoli


Lauren also did a kickass job on making her Sunflower garden! She build the edges, added soil, and planted her seeds!  Can’t wait for those to come up.  They are Titan sunflowers, the heads get up to 2 ft wide!

Lauren's Sunflower Garden of Awesomeness

And lastly, Savanna made us some awesome stepping stones for our garden.  They are really cute and make a great contribution.

Stepping stone #1
Stepping Stone #2

Still trying to figure out the Chicken coop.  Need to determine the dimensions, then start leveling the ground.  Then comes the fun part of spending lots of money at Lowes or Home depot!  So if anyone has some leftover wood, roofing material, plywood, osb boards, hardware cloth, or other building materials let me know!  We will pay you in eggs and veggies!

-Farmer Daniel

Master Carpenter! and plants update.

You read that right, I am on my way to master carpenter.  Ok, maybe just novice.  But I made a wooden pallet trellis and an awesome solid wood bookshelf.  Since we love to cook we have lots of cookbooks.  We were running out of room on our current bookshelf.  This prompted me to build a larger bookshelf!  Well I started it over a month ago, but finished it last night.  Now the next project, a chicken coop.  That bad boy is going to be a beast to build.  So if you want free eggs, feel free to contribute wood/labor to help me out!

Some of our plants are doing well, while others not so much, and some of them plain gave up.  We have lost 3 tomato plants, 1 eggplant (the other looks soon to follow), all of our herbs except our basil and one oregano.   The Arkansas Traveler tomatoes are doing very well.  As well as the cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cucumbers.  We also have some ripening fruit on out bushes in the front!


That is all for now.  Time to take the wife to Acres of Land for Lunch/Dinner!


Bird Update

Well the two little birds are doing well.  Mommy bird can get to them to take care of them.  Evidence is all the bird poo on our patio and in the nest.  Every time I go out side I can see mommy bird off in the distance making rude noises at me.  I guess for being too close to her babies.

Its raining now, which is good for our plants.  Our cucumber seeds have started sprouting, very exciting.  Now I need to start building the trellis for the second variety of cucumbers.  I think I am going to make them from a couple of pallets I salvaged.  Just lean them together and find a way to attach them.  Then attach some netting for the vines to grip!

That’s all for now,


Plants are grounded!

Well after long hours in the sun, and a few burned patches of skin, we finally have all of our seeds, seedlings, and plants into the ground!  What do we have in the ground you ask?  Well I will tell you! We have:

  • 19 Tomatoes (6 different varieties)
  • 16 Peppers (5 different varieties)
  • 6 Ground cherries
  • 2 Tomatillos
  • 3 Brussels Sprouts
  • 2 Cucumbers (2 different varieties)
  • 2 Eggplants
  • 3 Cabbages
  • 3 Broccoli
  • 6 Basil
  • 2 Parsley
  • 2 Dill
  • 2 Oregano
  • 7 Blackberry Bushes
  • 2 Blueberry Bushes (one more to come)

Here is our garden.  On the left you can see the tomato stakes.  You can also see the two rows of walking stones we put in.  Lauren like to run across them!

Here is our cabbage (top) and broccoli (bottom).  We bought the cabbage plants, the broccoli we started from seed.

Here is one of our little tomato seedlings, happy to finally be outside.

This is an old broken ladder we had in the garage (thanks to the previous owner).  In a moment of brilliance I (Danny) decided it would be a great trellis.  So I buried it into the ground and plant to staple some netting onto it for the cucumbers to grab onto.

Here is our row of Blackberry bushes in the front yard.

These are our two blueberry bushes, waiting for their brother to be planted.  When all is said and done, the three of them will be in a triangle pattern.

So this is our Mini-Farm!  More to come as it progresses!