We have chickens!!!!

Well I purchased some fine looking girls from a nice man for an awesome price.  They are all under a year old.  We are now the proud parents of 2 Barred Rocks named Salt and Pepper.  2 Golden Comets named Ginger and Snap.  As well as 2 Black Australorps named Poppy and Seed.  Poppy and Seed found a way to the roof rafters of the run.  Not sure if they plan to go into the coop at night.  Will have to figure that out.  I witnessed all of the others at least go into the coop.  Hopefully we can get them all in there tonight so we can close it up.  Here are some pics.  There will be more later.

Here are the girls hiding from us under the coop. They like it under there. They are digging holes.

Here is two of the girls in the run. The picture was taken from inside the coop.

Here is Salt. She is the first to use the perches in the coop.

Here is Pepper thinking about leaving the coop.

And this is Poppy and Seed. Roosting on the rafters in the run. Bad chickens. They are gonna be the flock's trouble makers. I already saw the other girls wondering how to get up there.

Well there are the girls.  Thanks to all that helped make this addition to Operation Mini-Farm Happen.  I will post later after we get some better pictures.



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