Got the coop, where are the Chickens?

Well, last night I finished the coop.  On Saturday Lauren and I had Aaron, Rebecca, Graham, and Savanna come over to lend a hand with the roof.  We paid them with an awesome breakfast.  They were a huge help.  Without them the coop would still not be ready.  I learned that roofing without wearing gloves is probably a bad idea.  I had taken them off because I was struggling to hold a nail and hammer wearing the gloves.  The result it lots of tiny cut on my hands that I can’t even see.  Those shingles slice you up.  Also I hit my finger once really good.  That was fun.  But all that work was worth it.  We have a finished piece of awesome! Here a pics of the finished coop.

Here is a shot of Daisy in the coop run. She is not sure about this whole being a chicken thing.

Here is a shot of the coop door all painted and hardwared up!

Here is the coop run. Ladder leading to the pop door and there feeder and watering bucket.

This is inside the coop. the white boxes will be there nesting boxes, the board above them is the poop board, and the poles above that are the roosts for them to perch on. Just have to add the shavings.

Here is the finished roof!

Well that is all until we get the chickens (hopefully this week!!!).  Again thank you to all my friends who have helped during this project!  Can’t say thank you enough!



1 Comment

  1. S Michel said,

    November 15, 2011 at 9:05 am

    It looks awesome. Thanks for sharing the URL to your blog with me.

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