Nearly Chicken Ready

Well after months of on and off work, the time is nearly here for chickens.  Things I have left to do are: attach roost, install poop board under roost (you saw that right, poop board, for them to poop on), hang our feeder and water canister.  That is all before chickens arrive.  The roof still needs shingled, but that can be done after we get chickens.  Although Lauren and I will be trying to work on that Friday evening Saturday morning, then getting the chickens Saturday!!!  Now here are some pictures for you to be envious of, enjoy.

Here is the coop after I painted, framed some walls, and added hardware cloth.

This is the entrance to the coop's run for the chickens to play in. The door was recycled from an old closet door I found in the garage. It was crooked, so I had to do some interesting frame work.

Here you can see the wall containg the windows is up!

This is the door to the coop. The whole wall hinges for easy acess!

And here is the door slightly ajar.


This is the coop all painted! The theme for the colors is an egg. Yolk for the walls, everything else white! Lauren's idea.

And now for something to make you say awwwww... Daisy and Bea at the Dog Paddle. Don't worry Daisy isn't sad, just exhusted.

Well other than what I have shown you, I have installed a rope and pulley for the pop door.  That way we can open it and let the chickens out from outside their coop.  Also inside there is linoleum flooring installed for easier cleanup.  We hope to have chickens in there before next week is done!  Visit again soon.

-Coop-Master Daniel


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