Garden Update

Well I promised another post, and here it is. The fist shot is some of our harvest.  In the following picture you will see :  Tomatoes (Roma, cavern, purple Russian, Mexican midgets, and Arkansas travelers), Onions, Ground Cherries, Hot Peppers (Georgia Flame and Black Hungarian), and a Tomatillio.

Harvest (forgive the misspelling of tomato)

Here are some shots of the garden as well.  It has gotten pretty big.

Here is our crazy basil plants

These are out Ground Cherry bushes that have gotten out of control. Underneath are some pepper plants.

And here are our rows of Tomatoes

Here is a close up shot of the cavern tomatoes

Some of our tomatoe plants got hit with disease hard, but they are still producing some tomatoes.

Well that is all for garden news!



Long Time No Write

Alright, after weeks of fan mail, you all have been begging me to update.  Well here it is!  After what feels like forever I have begun work on the coop again.  Since the roof and tarpaper I have done the following:

Framed the windows

Framed the wall for the nest box and the "pop" door

Here is the pop door closed (the pop door is where the chickens enter and exit the coop)

And here it is open

That’s all for the coop, check back soon for shots of this years harvest and our growing garden.