Daniel – Bird Hero

I took Daisy out for her morning potty today.  Walking out I hear all the birds chirping.  Most of them happy as can be, except for one.  I was about to head inside when there on the ground against our house, a poor baby bird.  It had fallen from a nest.  That nest being under our roof above our little patio.  There is a hole that a bird uses every year.  I will patch it for next year to avoid home destruction.  But back to this bird.  I went and got a ladder and gloves.  Picking up the bird (with Lauren holding the ladder), I lifted back to the roof.  It climbed up into the corner.  One of it siblings was blocking the hole so it couldn’t get into its nest.  I am sure its mother will help it soon.  Lauren and I have checked on it to make sure its still ok.  It is better off up there than on the ground, prey for a neighborhood cat.

You can’t really see the bird or the nest.  But you can see the little hole where the nest is inside.  I hope mommy bird can help its baby.

-Daniel “The Bird Hero”

Update:  Well I went back out and found 2 birds in the bushes… So time for a new plan.  I took one of our hanging flour planters.  Put some dead grass in it for bedding.  and put the birdies up off the ground.  I think the mommy knows where they are now. Took me a while to train her 😛  We will see how this goes.  Can’t be worse than the alternative, that being them getting eaten by a dog or cat.


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